Embedded Systems Services

Welcome to MechCalc Engineering.

  Specializing in Linux, Embedded Linux, and the various needs that come from those applications, MechCalc Engineering strives for quality service, in a fast, friendly and timely fashion. If you need some help in your latest project, take a look at the Services page.

  Or if you are just looking for some information, try the Notes section or the Github Repos for an ever increasing collection of details and software pertaining to topics we have covered.

Contact Info:

Name: Jason Pruitt (dba MechCalc Engineering)
Email: mechcalceng@gmail.com


Linux: Desktop, server and embedded, we can set up, modify, configure and do administration tasks for nearly any job.

WinCE: System configuration, and image compiling.

Programming: With a variety of languages, we can solve your small to medium sized needs. From programming microcontrollers, to websites, or desktop applications, we have you covered.

Custom Tools: Need a task automated? Need something to pry, poke, or test your hardware or software? We can do that too.

For a free quote, or questions contact Jason